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Cénacle de La Lumière is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 2006. We are a dedicated team of staff and volunteers working together for the well-being of our youth, providing the best level of care and services in a reliable, professional and transparent way. Our mission is to serve individuals suffering from drug addiction problems as well as their families. Through our Christian faith-based Recovery Program, we help them reintegrate in the society as productive, responsible and drug free citizens. We also strive to engage today's youth through our Youth Program, to lead a life based on strong values away from drugs.
Recovery Program
We believe that drugs can be overcome and lives can change, and that by growing in faith every person can find true meaning to his life.

Our comprehensive drug treatment program is based on both the Therapeutic Community principles and the Christian faith.

A long-term program structured in 3 stages:
  • Outpatient preparation
  • Residential rehabilitation
  • Re-entry
In a drug-free environment and with support and guidance of our multidisciplinary team, each individual engages on a journey of personal growth. In a culture of change in values, lifestyle, and personal identity, we aim for the sustained recovery of each person, and their solid reintegration in the society.
Our services focus on the whole person’s needs:
  • Psychological counseling and behavioral therapy
  • Spiritual counseling and activities
  • Health care
  • Legal support
  • Educational & vocational activities
  • Family counseling
  • Social orientation & community involvement
  • Professional orientation & training opportunities
  • Sports & arts
Family support
We work with the family members to gain their commitment as real partners in their son’s recovery. Stronger family dynamics and a deep understanding of the problem ensure a more solid environment at the re-entry phase.
Youth Program
Through awareness activities and campaigns our aim is to inform, inspire and empower the youth to lead a life based on strong values and take right choices away from drugs. GO RIGHT® campaign is our main initiative on that front. Created by the youth and for the youth, the campaign invites youngsters to be the change in our society.
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Need Help

If you or someone you know need help and would like to refer into our residential rehabilitation community, please contact our preparation office and you will be directed into the program.
Mobile: 70-281 088
Administration: +961-9-478 937
Preparation Office: +961-70-281 088
Volunteering, Fundraising & Events: +961-71-881 377
P.O.Box 1444, Jounieh, Lebanon
E-mail: info@cenacledelalumiere.org
Web Site: www.cenacledelalumiere.org
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